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While the coronavirus has changed our lives as we know it, many sectors, including real estate, are trying their best Value to adjust to the new normal. If you do need to put your home on the market, you should not forsake your personal safety. Some practical tips on selling your home for the best value while remaining safe and healthy.

Adam Veron Tip No.1: Cancel Open Houses

An open house is generally one of the best ways of showing your home to many prospective buyers at the same time. However, the invasion of a horde of strange people into your home could very easily end up with your home getting contaminated by an infected person.

Adam Veron Tip No.2: Show off Your Home with a Video Tour

While video tours serve a very important function in providing buyers a better sense of what to expect and whether they like it enough to come and check it out physically, it also serves to filter out many buyers who may not have been adequately interested in your home. The lesser the traffic, the better it is in preventing infection. Ask your agent if she plans to upload a video tour of the home along with photos and if necessary, help her to prepare the video if you have the skill. According to https://www.cnbc.com, you should check if your agent is ready to conduct live virtual tours personally by walking buyers with a laptop, tab, or smartphone so that they can answer buyer queries in real-time.

Adam Veron Tip No.3: Sanitize Your Home Thoroughly

Ensure that you sanitize your home both before and after showings as thoroughly as you can so that nobody’s health is compromised, recommends Adam Veron. If your house is large, you may like to appoint a professional sanitization service provider to do the job as per the schedule provided by your real estate agent. It can also help to have liquid soap and alcohol-based sanitizers and wipes at hand in your home so that visitors can use them while they are visiting.

Adam Veron Tip No.4: Use Tech to Negotiate

When you get an offer, instead of negotiating across the table, you should use videoconferencing tools to negotiate and finalize the deal. Even the contract signing can be done digitally with the help of e-signing programs that will help you to avoid physical meetings. The good thing about using teleconferencing is that you are not limited to just the business hours and you, your agent, and the buyer can get together at mutually convenient times to discuss the contract threadbare without any need of meeting up personally.


The novel coronavirus, as the name suggests, is completely new even for scientists so there is a lot of uncertainty regarding how to properly keep you safe. If you feel that you would rather not take the risk of exposing yourself to the virus in any way, it is okay if you take a break and wait for the environment to stabilize before putting your home on the market. However, if any conditions make it necessary to sell your home right away, following the suggested tips will ensure better safety.